Virus Removal & Protection

Your computer is precious! It allows you to connect to the world and do a whole host of day to day tasks like banking, emailing, generally browsing the internet or keeping in touch with friends and family. Unfortunately the World Wide Web can be a dangerous place with people trying to hack systems or collect sensitive information so that they can carry out illegal activities.

With more and more services being offered online, like online account management and online banking it is even more important to ensure your devices are kept secure which is why we have partnered with several software vendors to protect your system from such threats.

If you have been unlucky enough to get an infection don’t worry! We can remove infections and return your computer back to full working order.

Some tell-tale signs that your computer may be infected:

  • Your web browser is using a strange search engine and when you search the results don’t return as expected
  • Your web browser may suffer from pop up’s or redirect you to sites which you have not requested
  • There may be “system tweaker or registry optimiser” tools installed on your computer which guarantee better performance, they don’t
  • General system performance is slow, unresponsive and unbearable

All of the above are some tell-tale signs that your system may be infected, of course this is not an exhaustive list but some pointers to give you an idea.

So what can we do if you are suffering from a virus or malware? We have our health check service which provides an end to end computer service, not only checking for viruses but other key areas which help to improve general computer performance.

  • Physical Assessment of all computer components with cleaning as required
  • Security Assessment – Check for Virus and Malware
  • Software Cleanse – Remove unwanted add-ons, toolbars and software packages
  • System Updates – Apply the windows security and system updates to latest release
  • System Drives Updated – Update the software for controlling hardware to latest manufacturer versions.

If you think you have suspicious activity occurring on your machine our Health Check is available for £45.00 and you can simply drop into our workshop or speak with us on 01670 432022.