Data Recovery & Transfer

Your data is precious, it could be documents, pictures or music which you don’t want to lose but sometimes due to hardware failure it can become inaccessible and appear like it has been lost.

Through our data recovery platform in most cases we are able to retrieve data for you, we connect the drive to our system and interrogate the drives state to ascertain which recovery method would suit your particular case best. You can specify the files which are most important to you or simply ask us to get as much as possible and we will do our best to save your precious data.

We have two services available

Data Transfer

If you are simply replacing a computer and would like to ensure that nothing is missed we can migrate your data in such a way that you only get your data and no clutter from your old system.
We can transfer:

  • Documents
  • Pictures
  • Music
  • Email
  • Program specific files like photoshop

Data Recovery

This is where a device has failed, and your data has become inaccessible to you, this could be at fault of the computer or the hard drive which stores your data, either way your only choice is to go for a professional recovery service which can interrogate the drive for your data. Choose whether to recover everything or just specific files which are more important to you.

Speak to one of our experts on 01670 432022 if you would like more information regarding our recovery or transfer service.