Screen Replacements

So your screen has become damaged but don’t worry in most cases it is not the be all and end all for your device, through our partnerships with manufacturers we are able to carry out screen replacements for most devices. In most cases a screen replacement can be carried out the same day in our store based on Dark Lane in Morpeth

What we can repair

  • Laptops – All Sizes from small netbook machines through to large 17” machines
  • Touch Screen Laptops – All Sizes from small netbook machines through to large 17” machines
  • Mobiles – In most cases we can replace screens for Apple iPhone, Samsung and many other devices however due to varying makes and models we have to order these in.
  • Tablets – with so many makes and models and formats of tablet on the market we can offer repairs for the main brands of tablet, other less common devices may not have spares available but our technicians will check this out for you

Experienced technicians

Based in our Morpeth store Morpeth Computers, Our technicians are experienced in working with the latest devices on a daily basis from varying platforms from laptops, tablets and convertibles.

What will we do

We have a five stage process to ensure that we can guarantee that your repair can be carried out and once complete provides you with your device back to full working order.

  1. Device Assessment – Identify which parts would be required
  2. Device Diagnostic – Confirm that when the damage occurred no other parts have been damaged that will either have to be replaced as part of this repair or cause further failures down the line
  3. Check Part(s) availability and Order
  4. Repair – repair carried out by one of our experienced engineers
  5. Test and Return to you

Do you provide a warranty?
The answer is yes! All of our parts come with a warranty, this can vary from a 60 day or 3 to 12 month warranty depending on the supplier or manufacturer of the spare part but we will let you know what’s included when we quote you.


Call one of our experts on 01670 432022 or visit our Morpeth workshop for your screen repair quotation today

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