Memory Upgrades for Laptop or Desktop Computers

We can carry out memory upgrades on both laptops and desktop computers. A memory upgrade can help breathe a new lease of life into your device, improving the performance and allowing your machine to carry out more tasks efficiently.

What’s involved

  1. Check what memory capacity is currently installed into your machine
  2. Check the maximum capacity of your machine
  3. Provide possible memory upgrade paths to you
  4. Complete installation of parts
  5. Testing

Do you provide a warranty?
The answer is yes! All of our parts come with a guarantee with the majority of this being from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Warranties can vary from a 60 day or 3 to 12 month warranty depending on the supplier or manufacturer of the part but we will let you know what’s included when we quote you.

Don’t suffer from slow performance, breathe a new lease of life into your device by speaking to one of our experts for your upgrade options call us on 01670 432022