Hard drive Replacement & Upgrades for Desktop and Laptop Computers

Your machines hard drive is one of the major components of your system, This device not only has the operating system installed onto it but it’s also where all of your precious documents, pictures, videos, music and settings are stored.

When would you need a replacement hard drive?

Hard drive failure – as it is one of the major components of the machine, and also in most cases a mechanical moving part the more use a machine receives the more likely this part is to eventually fail. Mechanical hard drives are also susceptible to damage from the machine being dropped and jolted around

Running out of storage space – we can upgrade your machine with a larger hard drive then clone your existing files, settings and programs onto the new larger drive thus leaving you with your machine with everything where you left it but additional storage available for the future use of the machine.

Is my data lost if the drive fails ?

There is no easy yes or no answer for this unfortunately, it depends on how catastrophic the drive has failed but we do have some in house data recovery systems at Morpeth Computers where we can try to retrieve your important documents, pictures, videos and music.

Our expert engineers can assess your drive to see if it is at all accessible and run through our data recovery software to try and retrieve your data, and if that doesn’t work we can send to a clean room for a more advanced intrusive recovery.

Looking to increase your machines performance even further ? Consider an SSD

SSD is short for solid state drive, this technology is comparable to that of a USB memory stick but on a larger scale. The technology relies on memory chips rather than the traditional mechanical moving parts to provide the storage for your machine.

A SSD can help your machines performance dramatically as they are up to 10 times faster than the traditional hard drives with the only drawback being that this new technology is typically small in capacity and more expensive to purchase

Speak to one of our experts for the latest advise on storage options for your device email or call 01670 432022