Batteries and Power Supplies

New Batteries

A battery will usually have a lifespan of around 3-4 years depending on use and charging cycles. A charging cycle is key to keeping the battery running at its optimum peak performance, this involves charging to full and then running on battery power until the next charge is required.

However these will eventually expire and only last a very short period of time which will seriously limit the usability of your device.

We can provide you with both manufacturer OEM and compatible batteries to replace any tired batteries you may have in your laptop, tablet or mobile devices.

Power Supplies

Power supply problems often render your device unusable, it’s one of the main components of the jigsaw which makes up your device to provide the system you use on a daily basis for many everyday tasks whether for business or pleasure.

The good news is that power supplies are inexpensive and can be replaced by our experts in our Morpeth workshop, We stock a range of power supplies for both desktop and laptop computers so you can be back up and running in no time.

Get your devices power restored today, speak with one of our experts on 01670 432022 or email us